Who Is Frances Fox Piven?

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Frances Fox Piven was married to Richard Cloward until he died in 2001. The most famous and disturbing article that Frances Piven wrote was the article in May of 1966 regarding the poor, “The Weight of the poor: A Strategy to End Poverty”. It is also known as the Cloward-Piven Strategy. This article advocated the increase enrollment of the people in social welfare programs which would in turn cause the collapse of the system and force the government to reforms. This would also lead to a “guaranteed annual income” for everyone. Frances Fox Piven also served as President of the American Sociological Association, protests the government involvement in wars by not paying her taxes when she made her pledge to Writers and Editors War Tax Protest.

Frances Fox Piven’s other works:

– Regulating the Poor written with Richard Cloward, in 1972 about the government welfare system and its power over the lower class.
– Poor Peoples’ Movements, in 1977 About how rebellious social movements can induce important reforms
– Why Americans Don’t Vote, in 1988
– Why Americans Still Don’t Vote published in 2000, a look at the American electoral process and how it influencesthe poor working class from their right to vote
– The War at Home in 2004, a look at the results of the wars demestically, initiated by the Bush administration
– Challenging Authority: How Ordinary People Change America, a look at forceful social movements and politics in creating the political force for reform through out American history

SEIU Plot To Take Down JP Morgan and Wall Street

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“…as Frances Fox Piven and Cloward taught us, poor people movements are successful when they create conditions of un-governability and then you win vicotries”

SEIU ex-boss Steven Lerner and his stragey to disrupt Wall Street, and cause economic Chaos in the banking system, starting with JP Morgan Chase Banks. Take money from the rich, give it to the poor, at all cost. This is an American plotting against other Americans. Will the press pick this up? I doubt it very much.

Strategy of Cloward and Piven

Cloward and Piven focused on causing the Democratic Party back in 1966 was to take federal government take action to help the poor. They wanted all who were poor to be on welfare, causing confusion and growing debt, disruption and chaos in the agencies in both local and state governments. This would cause more class warefare division between the poor and the rich. The objective is in creating division between the working class, the white middle classs, and the poor minority.

A combination of class and race warefare resulting in conflict.The ultimate purpose was to wipe out poverty, create a income that was sustained by the government.The end game was the demise of capitalism, and the creation of government controlled welfare states, all in the name of helping the poor.

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Protesters Threaten Senators

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On The Blaze.com today, there is a shocking story that states that Protesters have threatened Wisconsin GOP Senators. They state” to get your affairs in order, because you and your families will be killed.” So many instances that show the media bias and hypocrisy in threats that come from the left, verses any alleged threats from the right. Again, if the Tea Party had sent an email to Democrats during their government take over, the press would have been on it for months. They would be labeled extremists, terrorists, racists, and any other description they could think of. We shall see how the media treats this threat, the silence will be deafening.


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