Government Benefits Paid Out to Almost 50% of Citizens

I found a very interesting article from Personal Liberty Digest.
“Almost one-third of those receiving government benefits — 49.9 million — collected Social Security. That is the government’s huge Ponzi scheme that steals from the workers to give to retirees. For those who retired prior to 2000, it was a great deal. Workers who retired in 1960 paid on average $36,000 in Social Security taxes and received lifetime benefits of $259,000. Those who retired in 1980 paid an average of $192,000 in Social Security taxes and received $452,000 in benefits. The average 2010 retiree had paid $558,000 in Social Security taxes but the expected lifetime outlay will be only $555,000. Projections for the 2030 retiree are for lifetime benefits of $699,000 on Social Security taxes of $796,000.”

Read the entire article, it is very interesting.

MSNBC Host Dylan Ratigan Epic Rant on the Government Shutdown

I have never seen a point so well put as this was on the current Government shutdown. The country is being destroyed by both Republicans and Democrats, bent on power and corruption. They no longer work for the people who elected them, save a few bold men.


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