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Activists Planning a Day of Rage in the USA

August 21, 2011 Revolution, Unions No Comments

Activists are currently planning a Day of Rage in America. The idea is a non-violent protest, however, it seems to contradict the day’s theme.

The people behind this protest are the same ones that called for the down fall of the economy by targeting banks, with their focus on JP Morgan. The man behind that is none other than Stephen Lerner, former SEIU board member and visitor of the Obama white house. Lerner was the mastermind behind what is being called the Economic Terrorism Playbook.

In May of this year, the protests on banks did actually happen, just not in the intended city of New York and other major cities as well. The protests did happen at JP Morgans annual shareholders meeting. A group of 400 protesters staged their rally their.

The current protest, the day of rage, could actually be a week or more of civil disobedience all over the city. Some believe the upcoming Day of Rage in September could be the launch for Lerners war to bring down the economy. There are videos posted on YouTube show how to protest non-violently, we’ll see how it turns out. Hopefully nothing similar to what is happening in Syria, or happened in Egypt, or Tunisia.

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