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American Democratic Represenative Schakowsky Wants Your Money

September 16, 2011 Other Related 1 Comment

Thats right, apparently, being taxed 30%, 40%, 50%, just isn’t enough. She wants it all. She along with some in our government believe they need more from you. If you are rich, it is your civic duty to give what you earn to the government. You don’t deserve to keep what you make, you as a business person needs to give “your fair share”.

The thing is, if those in our government want to give money to the IRS, they can go ahead and do it can’t they? What tax breaks for the rich? Aren’t the corporate taxes in the United States the highest in the world? Tax the rich, give to the poor. When has that ever worked. Is there no suprise that the corporations, those evil companies that dare to make money, are hiring outside the U.S.? If more companies get taxed, in this economy, and the rich get taxed, who is going to be hiring? The government? No, they can’t even run their own companies well, how about Social Security? The United States Post Office? If this is a common idea with those who are supposedly representing the people of the United States, then this country is in serious trouble.

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