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American Manufacturers Keep U.S. Oil Fields Domestic

March 20, 2013 Other Related No Comments

As America travails toward becoming energy independent, domestic oil exploration will continue play an essential role. American equipment manufacturers and oil field services companies are working to ensure every part of the domestic oil industry stays American. These companies engineer, build, and service world class machinery while employing thousands of Americans. Here are just a few of the U.S. companies helping to make the energy sector domestic from the drill to the frac sand quarry.

New Oil Rigs

An oil rig is a complex collection of instruments designed to extract oil from underground deposits and channel it to where it can be stored and used. New Oil Rigs builds these structures for use all over the world, and they do it exclusively with American components. What they don’t make in their own factories, the contract out to other top tier American companies. They get engines from Caterpillar and pumps from Gardner-Denver, to name just two. This company builds rigs in 14 different configurations to fit a wide variety of drilling situations. New Oil Rigs supports its customers by providing comprehensive training for operators and ongoing service.

Chieftain Sand

Hydraulic fracturing has been a huge step forward in accessing vast U.S. oil and natural gas deposits once considered inaccessible. Small cracks act as channels to bring these deposits up. But first, fluid containing specially processed sand is pumped in to prop the cracks open. Chieftain Sand optimizes frac sand for flow capacity, conductivity, and other metrics that must vary from drill site to drill site. The result is the most effective frac sand in the world. The company’s plants in Wisconsin and Arkansas ship tons of proppant sand for use at hydraulic fracturing sites all over North America.

Cambelt International

Getting 100 tons of frac sand down a well isn’t a simple task. First it has to be shipped and stored on site. Then it must be carried to a blender where it’s mixed with fluid and pumped down the well. Downtime at the oil field can be incredibly costly so it’s important that the frac sand equipment is reliable. Cambelt International of Salt Lake City manufactures the most durable frac equipment in the world. They build transport and storage trailers called frac sanders as well as T-belt cleated conveyors to get the frac sand from storage to the blender. Cambelt’s conveyor belts are made with fully molded rubber. They aren’t laminated so they can’t split on the job. Reliable machinery is essential for the complex operations at a drill site.

Center Rock Inc.

You might recognize this name from back in 2010 when two engineers dropped everything, packed some drilling implements, and flew down to Chile at their own expense to rescue 33 trapped miners. Center Rock, a small Pennsylvania company, showed not only that they have a strong sense of social responsibility, but that they manufacture some of the best drilling equipment in the world. They make drill bits to penetrate any kind of rock. And while this equipment works for whatever the situation requires, most of their customers are drilling for oil.

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