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An Interview with Frances Fox Piven and OWS

December 4, 2012 Cloward and Piven Strategy No Comments

Frances Fox Piven’s fame has escalated from the Occupy Wall Street, and her fame from Glenn Beck. It is interesting how she has capitalized on her Glenn Beck fame, and the rally against her. Occupy Wall Street fizzled into a whisper of discontent, filled with inner bickering for power along with out right destruction. The idea of teaching debt management is not a bad idea, and teaching responsibility is great also, however, I don’t see that being taught as opposed to open rebellion to the responsibility of the choices of people who have debt.

Frances Fox Piven has pimped herself from the movement, almost reliving her days of protests and rebellion. As always, she is hoping for her change of the government in America, and her Cloward and Piven strategy where the financial ability of the government will be over thrown and cause a new movement if social justice and equality. Her take on predatory capitalists, it is interesting to see Piven’s true belief in teaching people to refuse to pay and honor the debt that people have incurred from those unscrupulous lenders.

It is interesting to see the old protestors of the past trying to install themselves in to the spoiled, self indulgent protestors of today. Bill Ehers, Piven, Van Jones, all were looking at the movement as a way to either stroke their ego, or use it as a way to further their own political goals. Frances Fox Piven is one of these, and capitalizing financially as well. I am curious if she is donating her profits to the collective….

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