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Francis Fox Piven Praises the Protesters on Wall Street

Francis Fox Piven was interviewed recently at the sit in protest on Wall Street. A university professor, is not only proud of the people who are protesting, but actually went as far as saying that she hopes and feels the need for an uprising in America. A year or so ago, she was amazed that someone like Glenn Beck would be spreading all those vicious lies about her, and her calls for uprising and violence. She was just an innocent professor, who wrote something a long time ago, but had no relevance now….what a sham. She loves what is going on right now, and hopes for more. Its as if she can almost taste the change that she has so long imagined. The downfall of our government, to be morphed into a new and better world of socialism and social justice.

These people are tapping into the anger and frustration of the general public now. It is no longer the fringe. There are some angry desperate people out there, and people like Francis Fox Piven, Van Jones, Stephen Lerner are lighting the fire under that anger. The uprising will come, and the change they want, will be far less than what they expect. God help us when that change comes, it will be ugly for all, and who knows what the outcome will be.

Francis Fox Piven vs. Glenn Beck, Beck is Right

Glenn Beck was recently vindicated by the mouth of the woman who had denied that there was any credit to her from her past writings and beliefs.  She had stated that she is not a threat, and that this gentle, old, grandmother isn’t an organizer to bring down the government through class warfare and financial overload.  Her own words, and those of others prove that she is still diligently trying to push her agenda at what ever cost.

Frances Fox Pivens Retro – 1980 Free To Choose

This is an interview that was done with a panel including Frances Fox Piven. Her beliefs are stated, and have not changed from then until now. Her idea of equality forced by revolution and chaos. The arguments then and now are exactly the same that is being argued now. The problem now is, the far left are in power, and are implementing laws and strategy to tax the rich to take care of the poor.

Strategy of Cloward and Piven

Cloward and Piven focused on causing the Democratic Party back in 1966 was to take federal government take action to help the poor. They wanted all who were poor to be on welfare, causing confusion and growing debt, disruption and chaos in the agencies in both local and state governments. This would cause more class warefare division between the poor and the rich. The objective is in creating division between the working class, the white middle classs, and the poor minority.

A combination of class and race warefare resulting in conflict.The ultimate purpose was to wipe out poverty, create a income that was sustained by the government.The end game was the demise of capitalism, and the creation of government controlled welfare states, all in the name of helping the poor.

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