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Occupy Seattle Accosts JP Morgan CEO

November 4, 2011 Occupy Wallstreet, Unions 1 Comment

In the latest protest related to Occupy Wall Street, a Seattle group of protestors had a confrontation with police at a hotel where a CEO of JP Morgan was speaking. There are more and more protests going violent on a daily basis, and some protesters who actually want a peaceful protest are being left out. Compared to places like Greece, it is quite peaceful, but for how much longer. I keep thinking what the media would do if the Tea Party had done violent protests like this, there would be calls for military action and arrests from the president on down. How hypocritical.

**Caution, there are some harsh language in this clip**

Violence in Oakland, protesters shot with rubber bullets. Comparing Oakland as similar to Egypt is both humorous, ridiculous, and scarey. And the media continue the comparison.

What is the 99% issues? Watch and see:

Occupy Denver, Police Force Protesters From Capital

The protests are continuing, even through the cold. The violence is escalating, with the rally call and anti-police rhetoric due to the injury of a Military Veteran who got head injuries from a police projectile recently. The protesters decided to try and occupy the capital, and the police retaliated, with force.

Two weeks ago, the same police and protesters had a similar clash with arrests.

The more the police react this way, regardless if they have the right, the more momentum the Occupiers will have with public opinion.

Occupy Oakland Police Retaliation

October 15th Occupy Wall Street Support is Going Global

October 15, 2011 Occupy Wallstreet No Comments

The Occupy Wall Street movement, which has been orchestrated and supported by people such as Stephen Lerner, Code Pink, Van Jones, Michael Moore to name a few, is now trying get global support. With names going around for the movement such as the American Spring, which one commentator pointed out it was actually the fall. The protest has been by definition a vast example of the term, “useful idiots”. The more people involved, the more dangerous for everyone it will be. The police, doing what they do against people rising against authority are pushing back, and in some cases, pushing hard.

This is an all out war against capitalism, and the rich. An all out war on what makes this country America. This is all out war on the Republic. This is all out war on the fabric of our society. It is class warfare, and the media in some cases are sanctioning it. Take what MSNBC commentator Al Sharpton has to say about redistribution of wealth.

Then there are the movie stars and pop stars showing up in their thousand dollar wardrobe, throwing in their support for those who are fighting against them…..the filthy rich! Even our government seems to be sanctioning it and even had some involvement and support to the protests. Redistribution of wealth is so anti-capitalist, so anti-american, it is mind boggling. The whole idea of America is to start a business, work hard, struggle, even fail, and if you are lucky, succeed. When has it become a country of hand-outs, people demanding money from those who have worked hard for theirs. It is despicable.

Oct 14th



This will only get worse…

Occupy Wall Street Seattle Supporters Honking Horns Ticketed By Police

Recently Seattle police found a way to put pressure on the Occupy Wall Street movement in the Seattle area. They are ticketing the people….not the actual protesters, but people who are driving by and honking their horns in support. As much as I feel the Occupy Wall Street is a misguided farce inciting class warfare and potential violence, they do have the right to protest peacefully. This is from KOMO in Seattle:

“Starting at 11 p.m. Friday, police started pulling over and ticketing drivers who honked as they drove past protesters. When the first car – a taxicab – was pulled over, the protesters followed and shouted at police who then formed a blockade around the driver’s cab. The cab driver was then given a $144 ticket – and protesters ended up handing him money afterwards to help pay for his fine.”

The movement has been making themselves know by protesting their support in Westlake Park, which is in Emerald City. Its been going on for about a week now. The support for the redistribution of money and the take down of american corporate greed should be at least acknowledged for their commitment. But the fact is, they have the right to protest, no matter how misguided they may be. What the police are doing is harassment, and the people who are protesting have the right to be there as well.

The people who are honking their support have the right to do so too, and should not be issued tickets for doing so. Again, it will be the police that will put the protestors over the edge, in my opinion. They may be doing their jobs, and its a difficult one, but there will be those in authority that will go to far, and that will cause chaos. From some of the images out there already, it could happen at any time.


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