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Occupy Wall Street Protesting in Hypocracy

The state of the Occupy Wall Street protests couldn’t be explained better than by this.

Occupy Denver, Police Force Protesters From Capital

The protests are continuing, even through the cold. The violence is escalating, with the rally call and anti-police rhetoric due to the injury of a Military Veteran who got head injuries from a police projectile recently. The protesters decided to try and occupy the capital, and the police retaliated, with force.

Two weeks ago, the same police and protesters had a similar clash with arrests.

The more the police react this way, regardless if they have the right, the more momentum the Occupiers will have with public opinion.

Occupy Oakland Police Retaliation

Revolution in America, Topple American Government

October 28, 2011 Revolution No Comments

The Occupiers, while storming banks, government offices, and capitals, believe that the end result to their protests will be to topple the American Government. The end result, free health care, free housing, collective wages, and your basic communist utopia.

If you want your way of life, which means freedom, the ability to choose, and taking personal responsibility for that choice, than fight to your last breath against these people. If you want a government controlled, equal footing for all, a lack of achievement and struggle to be a better person for your society and your self, then join the “resistance”. What the far left want goes against everything that stands for America. They want to punish the rich, punish the corporations, punish the banks. Some want anarchy. Some just want to beat their drum and smoke pot. Regardless, this movement is growing, and when the middle class joins in, look out America. The end result will not be anything you recognized 2 years ago. Recently there was a “rich man” out interviewing and taking questions from the Occupiers, and found talking points and belligerent anger.

There were even an interesting comment from Alek Baldwin and capitalism.

Class Warfare? Just a Few Examples

October 20, 2011 Revolution, Unions No Comments

Chuck Schumer

Tax the Rich

Europe vs the Rich

Tax Those Evil Rich

Joe the Plumber

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