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MSNBC Usual Bias Towards Occupy Wall Street and Glenn Beck

I mean really, is MSNBC really that desperate that they have to have the likes of Al Sharpton as a commentator? Not only does he have the religious pulpit, he has the biased and sometimes racially confused pulpit of MSNBC. I am wondering when people will be ripping on MSNBC for having one point of view, like Fox News does. Regardless of the ridiculousness of that News Organization, the commentary of Sharpton and Van Jones is disturbing. Their blatant support of this supposed “unplanned” protest. How do they want the banks, and wall street to pay? How is it that the people there who are mostly unemployed or just not working are complaining and whining that they got taken advantage of? How is the victim mentality so common? Give me yours, I don’t have mine. Who said life is fair?

There has always been rich and poor, and there always will be. There will never be a system where there is equality in everything, and there shouldn’t be. What will anyone have to look forward if there is nothing to strive for? What is success if it is given to you? Where is the work ethic if there is no drive to work hard and succeed? There are many people who have lost their job, lost their house, lost their families even. But, they don’t blame the banks, they don’t blame the corporations, they pick themselves up and start again. Its the American way.

How many of the rich failed before they became successful? To take a risk and run a business is how you make money in this world. Sometimes taking the risk hurts you. Real estate, owning a house, taking out a credit card, all are risks, and the responsibility is your own. If there are any protests needed its not on Wall Street, but should be on the nations capital regarding the massive spending and misappropriation of our tax money that we should be angry about. How easily led are these people, find the scapegoat, and point them to a more convenient target, banks, the rich, or wall street. Wake up America, you are protesting the wrong people. And why aren’t they protesting the government for giving them the bailout, sometimes by force? Don’t they realize that they forced some of these banks into compliance, even those who did not need it? Taking over a private company is not American nor has it been done in history as it has been done in this administration.

Occupy Wall Street Seattle Supporters Honking Horns Ticketed By Police

Recently Seattle police found a way to put pressure on the Occupy Wall Street movement in the Seattle area. They are ticketing the people….not the actual protesters, but people who are driving by and honking their horns in support. As much as I feel the Occupy Wall Street is a misguided farce inciting class warfare and potential violence, they do have the right to protest peacefully. This is from KOMO in Seattle:

“Starting at 11 p.m. Friday, police started pulling over and ticketing drivers who honked as they drove past protesters. When the first car – a taxicab – was pulled over, the protesters followed and shouted at police who then formed a blockade around the driver’s cab. The cab driver was then given a $144 ticket – and protesters ended up handing him money afterwards to help pay for his fine.”

The movement has been making themselves know by protesting their support in Westlake Park, which is in Emerald City. Its been going on for about a week now. The support for the redistribution of money and the take down of american corporate greed should be at least acknowledged for their commitment. But the fact is, they have the right to protest, no matter how misguided they may be. What the police are doing is harassment, and the people who are protesting have the right to be there as well.

The people who are honking their support have the right to do so too, and should not be issued tickets for doing so. Again, it will be the police that will put the protestors over the edge, in my opinion. They may be doing their jobs, and its a difficult one, but there will be those in authority that will go to far, and that will cause chaos. From some of the images out there already, it could happen at any time.

Unions Throw Support and Frances Fox Piven Calls for Violence

Unions are now getting involved and supporting the occupation of Wall Street. This makes it even bigger than ever, and potentially more dangerous.

Along with this, is Frances Fox Piven, who is loving all the attention and the possibility of a violent protest. Frances Fox Piven is even more excited and willing to give her full support and activities to the protests. She is encouraged and reminiiscent in her protests history. She gives the example of what is going on now with the protests and comparing them to the Civil Rights protests in the past. She is excited about the walk outs, and “street battles”.Its almost like the protests against the corporations and their profits, is a game to them.

Do they have a clue what the end result will be? They want capitalism to be taken apart and replaced with what? Communism? Socialism? Imperialism? Anarchy? What is the end result? They are caught up in their own ideals and talking points that they really don’t know what to replace the evil capitalism. They want a commune.

Occupying Wall Street Gets Violent.

Occupying Wall Street is slowly moving towards more and more violence. As seen on October 6, 2011, it has gone from peaceful and somewhat amusing, to violent and very serious. The problem with this is two opposing forces. The protesters, do have the right to demonstrate their anger and frustration, no matter how misguided it is.

Occupy Wall Street Arrests; Fox 5 Crew and Protesters Hit by Mace, Batons: MyFoxNY.com

And the police have the right to smash them with their batons and spray them with pepper spray, and then haul them off to jail. The problem will come when the smashing and the anger on both sides, gets much worse, and I believe, it is coming soon. There are too many people pushing the buttons of the masses, and the police are the trigger.


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