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Day of Rage in Boston

“Get the Banks” was heard shouted as the protesters converged in Boston. The police were in force, and arrested 24 people. Although the numbers were not like New York, the protest in front of Bank of America seem to be taken from the play book of Stephen Lerner and Van Jones.

The idea that protests in Egypt are the template for protests here is disturbing and wrong. The end result in Egypt is an unstable government, and people dying in the street. The rage is out there, and the “useful idiots” are in growing numbers.

Glenn Beck explains the protests and why the banks should not be held responsible.

Day of Rage Brooklyn Bridge October 1, 2011

The Days of Rage continue, there are two to report on, the Days of Rage in Boston, and also more recent the occupation of Wall Street, now moving onto the Brooklyn Bridge. The protests are still not the numbers of what was seen in Egypt, but they are growing, and the police presence at these protests will do nothing but fuel the fire. More than 400 protesters have been arrested.

The police are doing their job, but all it will take is one incident to make it far worse. This is what the organizers like Stephen Lerner, and Van Jones want. Chaos, and disruption, destruction and dismantling, then rebuilding in the name of democracy. The class warfare that is going on will get worse.

The Day Of Rage Has Begun, New York Ends in Arrests

September 26, 2011 Revolution No Comments

So the Day of Rage has begun. Is it Egypt, no, did it cause disruption? Somewhat. It did halt traffic, and there were a lot of pseudo-hippies and their bongo drums. Could it catch momentum and get violent? Possibly. If the unemployed and discouraged get sucked into these types of protests, yes, it could get real ugly, very fast. If the mass of unemployed who have seen their houses foreclosed, or their jobs taken away because of companies tightening their financial belt,it could get violent.

The unions, the socialists, the communists see this anger, and can and will exploit it. They are better at it, and have the media to push it. There is a lot of anger and frustration, and properly guided, could be very potent. Egypt is a good example of this, the masses were guided towards insurrection and the idea of democracy, however, the end result is military control, and the Muslim Brotherhood in command. The Muslim Brotherhood is trying to get its grip in every government overthrow, and have been successful so far. Libya is the next country in line. If Europe goes down in a sinking pile of Euro’s, heads up in America, we could be in for a very bumpy ride.

SEIU Stephen Lerner Build Power Escalate Crisis Against The Rich

September 21, 2011 Revolution, Unions 2 Comments

SEIU Union former leader Stephen Lerner is again calling for crisis, advocating a day of rage similar to Egypt. In the past, Stephen Lerner was caught on tape calling for a protest against JP Morgan Banks. Now, Mr. Lerner’s call to the Unions and protesters to protest violently if necessary and wage this war on the rich. He is calling for violence, creating more power in the Unions. There is a crisis, and since there is no way to change the other side’s point of view. Violence while “operating from a higher moral place” will not only make violence a cause, but a higher purpose as well.

It seems that the call to violence is being heard from all over the unions. Take Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa’s war call against the Tea Party, and stating the Workers of America are Obama’s army, ready to march.

The President seems to be proud of the cry of violence to the Tea Party.

The Presidents spokesman didn’t seem to mind, and wouldn’t call for an apology or even admit that an apology was in order.

Then how about the union’s violent reaction in Washington recently holding guards hostage while destroying railroad equipment and other costly damage.

The coming insurrections is here, and building. How much damage it will do is the unknown.
The class warfare that is a key component that will help create this crisis has been a cry from the far left for a while now, and now seems to be part of the governments policy too.

Although the occupation of Wall Street was a complete failure, future protests may not be so quiet. Here are a few of the “Day of Rage” protests.
LA Day of Rage


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