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Protesters Threaten Senators

March 10, 2011 Revolution No Comments

On The Blaze.com today, there is a shocking story that states that Protesters have threatened Wisconsin GOP Senators. They state” to get your affairs in order, because you and your families will be killed.” So many instances that show the media bias and hypocrisy in threats that come from the left, verses any alleged threats from the right. Again, if the Tea Party had sent an email to Democrats during their government take over, the press would have been on it for months. They would be labeled extremists, terrorists, racists, and any other description they could think of. We shall see how the media treats this threat, the silence will be deafening.

Michael Moore Rails Against the Rich, Put Them In Handcuffs!

Michael Moore, one of the rich people whom he rails about and feels need to go to jail for being rich. Class warfare is coming. Get ready for it, with more people like Mr. Moore, social uprising, low jobs, inflation, get ready gang, its coming.

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Wisconsin The Capital Takeover

March 10, 2011 Revolution, Unions No Comments

I don’t remember the Tea Party members storming the white house when they were disgusted with the government take over of healthcare. How is it the media isn’t coming down hard on the Unions, and protesters that are inciting violence? If this had anything to do with Republicans or Tea Party, there would be mass outrage on the airwaves. Here is the protests on March 9, 2011. The hypocrisy is astounding.

Saul Alinksy and Rules for Radicals

The “haves against the have nots” and what the media, and the organizers are doing today. Class warfare, and race war fare.

Alinsky Tactics: Rules for Radicals PDF

Alinsky Tactics


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