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Recruitment for Revolution

March 8, 2011 Revolution No Comments

In “The Coming Insurrection” ..”By going against established activist practices, through the systematic occupation of institutions and obstinate blockading…reminded us of the ability of large movements to cause trouble and carry out diffuse offensives.”

Sabotage every representative authority
Spread the talk.
Abolish general assemblies.

The recruitment for a revolution, comes from the youth, the easily led and manipulated. The recruiting has begun.

And then there was this:

What is Revolution and Conspiracy

March 8, 2011 Revolution No Comments

The definition of a Revolution “is a fundamental change in power or organizational structures that takes place in a relatively short period of time.”

Conspiracy , “an association between religious, political, or tribal officials to further their own ends, usually by intrigue,an agreement between persons to deceive, mislead, or defraud others of their legal rights, or to gain an unfair advantage, an agreement between persons to break the law in the future, in some cases having committed an act to further that agreement ,the overthrow of a government”

There is a revolution going on, based on fear, anger, and the feeling that the time is now. Economic chaos, high unemployment, the gap between the rich and the poor expanding. It is a perfect time for revolution, and we the people, a good portion of us are sitting in our facebook world and ignoring it. The press isn’t reporting on it, the stories that blaringly point to future chaos are discounted as conspiracy or riduculed as nonsense. The call from the left on a ban on all political rhetoric that the right and the tea party supposedly are spewing is laughable when you see what is coming out of their own mouth. There is rhetoric on both sides, but the jump to silence the right when any type of violence occurs is not only baffling, but confusing since the far left is supposedly against government control, big brother. The jump to stifle the right and control their speech should go against their own believe in free speech, but I guess that is limited to free speech if you agree with them only. There are zealots on both sides, but the press focuses on the right. They pounce on the opportunity.

If anyone from the Tea Party said what is said from Francis Fox Piven, there would be an uproar for weeks on the news.
Frances Fox Piven and her take on violence and revolution.

The Left Complain about the vitriol and the hate speech from the Right, look at this!!! And they are worried about targets?

Media Bias shown on MSNBC?


YOUR DAILY BECK! Glenn Beck Video


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