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Occupy Wall Street Moves to Times Square

October 17, 2011 Revolution, The Organizers 1 Comment

The Occupy Wall Street protests with its incoherent students, union leaders, marxists, leftists, socialists,anarcists, and occasional gawkers, have pushed the protest to Times Square. There were around 70 arrests, but compared to some of the world wide protests, it was pretty tame(Do the police really feel tough on scooters? I understand the use of them, but its got to eat into their tough guy mentality somewhat).

There were no key note speakers, no Michael Moore, or Frances Fox Piven, no plans for the future, just the same loud anger towards the rich, the corporations, and America in general. In Italy, the support protest was much different. Violence, burning cars, and mob mentality littered the streets of Rome as they protest their support to bringing down the rich and capitalism.

The question is, when will it get to this point in America. Right now, its relatively calm, if not on the side of ridiculously trendy at times. But, it won’t take much to make the mobs of protesters to become as violent as what we saw in Italy.

Where is the media in their anger and horror at the demonstrations going on here. When the Tea Party started protesting, there were calls for the military to take them down. I am amazed at the pass the media gives the protesters in Occupy, but the media outcry with the Tea Party protests was deafening.

You do have to give the Wall Street employees credit, they didn’t seem to concerned watching the protests, drinking expensive wine, and chatting it up with beautiful women.

Communists and Socialists Anti-Capitalist Agenda Occupy Wall Street

If you think this is just a peaceful protest, spur of the moment and not planned by the far left, then you are sorely mistaken. The movement has spread all over the U.S., Occupy L.A. has recently been supported by Danny Glover.

Protestors in Philadelphia, and Boston arrested. This will continue, and the end result will be chaos. They are in an all out war on Capitalism, and it is Class Warfare.This is orchestrated and organized by the people like Soros, Stephen Lerner, Van Jones, and SEIU among others. This is all out war on anyone who doesn’t agree with them. It is not a peaceful protest, it will be violent.

Occupy Wall Street Newspaper Funded By Soros, Code Pink, Michael Moore

October 11, 2011 Revolution, The Organizers 1 Comment

So adding fuel to the fire, there is now an official newspaper for those protesting Wall Street, its called the “Occupied Wall Street Journal” Quippy, if not unoriginal, its still funded by far left groups and indiviuals such as George Soros’ Tides Foundation, Code Pink(Bernadine Dorn Weather Underground), and my own personal favorite the always overweight, anti-capitalist hypocrite Michael Moore. The newspaper is basically supporting the movement, and spouting off anti-capitalist rhetoric.

I really am curious what their answer is to the protest? What will be the end result? Not only that, I also wonder how they can compare Egypt protests to Occupying Wall Street. Is the idea to overthrow wall street and all corporations? Whats the function of the government if that happens? Egypt was overthrowing a dictator, although I have my own issues with the current president, he is not a dictator that needs to be overthrown. He can still be voted out. The protesters are angry, understandably, but why blame the rich or successful? I lost my house, I lost my job, I am not blaming the rich, I am not blaming the corporations, and I am not blaming Wall Street, or the banks. I am taking responsibility for my own actions, and hopefully will be able to rebuild my life again. Personal Responsibility. Can we give me a Hey, HO, everybody now! Lets hear it!!! Personal Responsibility! What a concept.

MSNBC Usual Bias Towards Occupy Wall Street and Glenn Beck

I mean really, is MSNBC really that desperate that they have to have the likes of Al Sharpton as a commentator? Not only does he have the religious pulpit, he has the biased and sometimes racially confused pulpit of MSNBC. I am wondering when people will be ripping on MSNBC for having one point of view, like Fox News does. Regardless of the ridiculousness of that News Organization, the commentary of Sharpton and Van Jones is disturbing. Their blatant support of this supposed “unplanned” protest. How do they want the banks, and wall street to pay? How is it that the people there who are mostly unemployed or just not working are complaining and whining that they got taken advantage of? How is the victim mentality so common? Give me yours, I don’t have mine. Who said life is fair?

There has always been rich and poor, and there always will be. There will never be a system where there is equality in everything, and there shouldn’t be. What will anyone have to look forward if there is nothing to strive for? What is success if it is given to you? Where is the work ethic if there is no drive to work hard and succeed? There are many people who have lost their job, lost their house, lost their families even. But, they don’t blame the banks, they don’t blame the corporations, they pick themselves up and start again. Its the American way.

How many of the rich failed before they became successful? To take a risk and run a business is how you make money in this world. Sometimes taking the risk hurts you. Real estate, owning a house, taking out a credit card, all are risks, and the responsibility is your own. If there are any protests needed its not on Wall Street, but should be on the nations capital regarding the massive spending and misappropriation of our tax money that we should be angry about. How easily led are these people, find the scapegoat, and point them to a more convenient target, banks, the rich, or wall street. Wake up America, you are protesting the wrong people. And why aren’t they protesting the government for giving them the bailout, sometimes by force? Don’t they realize that they forced some of these banks into compliance, even those who did not need it? Taking over a private company is not American nor has it been done in history as it has been done in this administration.


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