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Michael Moore and His Support for Occupying Wall Street

As much as I despise Keith Oberman, one up on him is my despise for the hypocritical, anti-capitalist rants of Michael Moore. Its funny to see an obvious case of excess and greed hidden behind his obese socialistic and narcissistic points of view. He loves to hear himself talk. And talk he does, all the way to the bank. I am wondering if he is getting any protests at his house? Are the people angry at the mass amounts of money this man gets from his movies? Or does he donate the proceeds to causes like Occupy Wall Street and other demonstrations and organizations. And they make fun of Rush Linbaugh’s girth…

Occupy Wall Street, Racist and Disturbing Video

The Wall Street occupation with no clear goal in sight, creates all kinds of interesting and stimulating dialogue. One recent video posted was a “provocateur” with his bling and his smack down, showed the world a more glaring example of what a “useful idiot” is. A rather annoying yet potentially violent class of angry, and mis-informed youth at a leaderless protest. This anti-Semitic point of view is becoming more and more common.

Francis Fox Piven Praises the Protesters on Wall Street

Francis Fox Piven was interviewed recently at the sit in protest on Wall Street. A university professor, is not only proud of the people who are protesting, but actually went as far as saying that she hopes and feels the need for an uprising in America. A year or so ago, she was amazed that someone like Glenn Beck would be spreading all those vicious lies about her, and her calls for uprising and violence. She was just an innocent professor, who wrote something a long time ago, but had no relevance now….what a sham. She loves what is going on right now, and hopes for more. Its as if she can almost taste the change that she has so long imagined. The downfall of our government, to be morphed into a new and better world of socialism and social justice.

These people are tapping into the anger and frustration of the general public now. It is no longer the fringe. There are some angry desperate people out there, and people like Francis Fox Piven, Van Jones, Stephen Lerner are lighting the fire under that anger. The uprising will come, and the change they want, will be far less than what they expect. God help us when that change comes, it will be ugly for all, and who knows what the outcome will be.

Day of Rage in Boston

“Get the Banks” was heard shouted as the protesters converged in Boston. The police were in force, and arrested 24 people. Although the numbers were not like New York, the protest in front of Bank of America seem to be taken from the play book of Stephen Lerner and Van Jones.

The idea that protests in Egypt are the template for protests here is disturbing and wrong. The end result in Egypt is an unstable government, and people dying in the street. The rage is out there, and the “useful idiots” are in growing numbers.

Glenn Beck explains the protests and why the banks should not be held responsible.


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