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Day of Rage Brooklyn Bridge October 1, 2011

The Days of Rage continue, there are two to report on, the Days of Rage in Boston, and also more recent the occupation of Wall Street, now moving onto the Brooklyn Bridge. The protests are still not the numbers of what was seen in Egypt, but they are growing, and the police presence at these protests will do nothing but fuel the fire. More than 400 protesters have been arrested.

The police are doing their job, but all it will take is one incident to make it far worse. This is what the organizers like Stephen Lerner, and Van Jones want. Chaos, and disruption, destruction and dismantling, then rebuilding in the name of democracy. The class warfare that is going on will get worse.

Francis Fox Piven vs. Glenn Beck, Beck is Right

Glenn Beck was recently vindicated by the mouth of the woman who had denied that there was any credit to her from her past writings and beliefs.  She had stated that she is not a threat, and that this gentle, old, grandmother isn’t an organizer to bring down the government through class warfare and financial overload.  Her own words, and those of others prove that she is still diligently trying to push her agenda at what ever cost.

Van Jones, Wants to Pop The Tea Party Bubble

September 16, 2011 The Organizers 2 Comments

Van Jones seems to think that the Tea Party is a bubble, a temporary explosion of unhappy racist Americans who hate Obama. What he doesn’t understand, or he knows but does not say, the Tea Party is angry at all government. Its enemy is big government, Republican or Democrat, and the Tea Party is going to be around for a very long time. The Tea Party is growing every day, and the reason the Democrats and some Republicans are against it is because it scares them.

Van Jones seems to think that under the cover of patriotism, really are against what makes America great. He is amazing to turn around everything that they stand for and paint them as evil. The far left have a much better propaganda and delivering there message than those who are not.

Bernadine Dohrn, The Time Is Right For Revolution

May 30, 2011 The Organizers 4 Comments

Bernadine Dorn, wife of the infamous Bill Ayers, is excited about the possibility of revolution, that the times are right. America is in decline, capitalism is at its end, and the time for revolution is now. Bernadine Dorn believes her country, her government is in her mind, viewed as a terrorist country. Bernadine Dorn is also a part of Code Pink, along with her beliefs against Israel and freedom for Palestinians. Again, I put it out there, that if anyone on the conservative side, or any Tea Party member had said anything resembling this, it would be all over the news, and probably the person would be arrested. There is a huge double standard in this country, we are living off propaganda.
Information on Bernadine Dohrn

Information on Bill Ayers, here is an interview from an undercover operative when Ayers was a part of the Weather Underground, which bombed a government building.


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