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The Organizers, George Soros and His View On Obama, Beck, and Economy

April 20, 2011 The Organizers 2 Comments

One of the richest and influential men in history, George Soros. His view on Obama and his pursuit of his new world order to his obvious dislike of Glenn Beck, and Fox News; you can understand why he has spent millions in trying to take them all down. He has a vast amount of money that he puts into left wing propoganda and political activists. Such as Media Matters, Huffington Post, Moveon.org, Acorn etc.

Sorors and his close door meeting. MSNBC’s ex-newsman Keith Oberman.

Who Is Frances Fox Piven?

March 29, 2011 The Organizers No Comments

Frances Fox Piven was married to Richard Cloward until he died in 2001. The most famous and disturbing article that Frances Piven wrote was the article in May of 1966 regarding the poor, “The Weight of the poor: A Strategy to End Poverty”. It is also known as the Cloward-Piven Strategy. This article advocated the increase enrollment of the people in social welfare programs which would in turn cause the collapse of the system and force the government to reforms. This would also lead to a “guaranteed annual income” for everyone. Frances Fox Piven also served as President of the American Sociological Association, protests the government involvement in wars by not paying her taxes when she made her pledge to Writers and Editors War Tax Protest.

Frances Fox Piven’s other works:

– Regulating the Poor written with Richard Cloward, in 1972 about the government welfare system and its power over the lower class.
– Poor Peoples’ Movements, in 1977 About how rebellious social movements can induce important reforms
– Why Americans Don’t Vote, in 1988
– Why Americans Still Don’t Vote published in 2000, a look at the American electoral process and how it influencesthe poor working class from their right to vote
– The War at Home in 2004, a look at the results of the wars demestically, initiated by the Bush administration
– Challenging Authority: How Ordinary People Change America, a look at forceful social movements and politics in creating the political force for reform through out American history

Michael Moore Rails Against the Rich, Put Them In Handcuffs!

Michael Moore, one of the rich people whom he rails about and feels need to go to jail for being rich. Class warfare is coming. Get ready for it, with more people like Mr. Moore, social uprising, low jobs, inflation, get ready gang, its coming.

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Saul Alinksy and Rules for Radicals

The “haves against the have nots” and what the media, and the organizers are doing today. Class warfare, and race war fare.

Alinsky Tactics: Rules for Radicals PDF

Alinsky Tactics


YOUR DAILY BECK! Glenn Beck Video


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