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Craig Ferguson – Why America is Great.

February 17, 2015 Other Related 2 Comments

Craig Ferguson, you may have seen him on TV as the host of the Late Late Show on CBS. Ferguson was speaking at the 2008 Fourth of July ceremonies in Boston. He gave an incredible, patriotic speech that moved so many people! He also quotes a passage from The Declaration of Arbroath, written in 1320 that will move you. “America is not only the greatest country on earth, but also the finest expression of hope for the human race. It is nothing less than that. Sooner or later, sooner or later, America always does the right thing.”

Hillary Clinton and the Vicitmized Illegal Alien

April 25, 2014 Other Related No Comments

I find this exchange between Hillary Clinton, and the embarrassed and confused illegal immigrant who is explaining her horrible and torturous live as an undocumented survivor.  She seems to feel that her life would have been so much different if she could just have been given that green card she so deserves.  It is appalling that she feels that it should be given to her, when there are legal ways she could to become a citizen.  Illegal aliens, should not just be given a free pass to citizenship.  The reason the illegal reform is being considered is which ever party passes this off as their own, the votes will be a huge help. In becoming a citizen, there is a lengthy process that all people entering this country wanting to become a citizen must go through, and all “11 million” of them should go to the back of the line.  There is a lot of paper work, fee’s, and time but in the end, this girl can become a citizen, and become the empowered women she wants to be….

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Robert Welch 1958 Prediction and the Destruction of America

November 3, 2013 Other Related 13 Comments

In 1958, Robert Welch made a prediction of how America could be brought down from the inside. His predictions seem to be coming true. His speech is an eerily prediction that is currently plaguing our country on its way to our own destruction. It is a very informative speech.

Obama and World War Three

September 12, 2013 Other Related No Comments

I find this ironic and amusing in so many ways. Enjoy.


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