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Frank Herbert Dune Genesis Politics, Humans, and the Super-Hero Theory

September 26, 2011 Other Related No Comments

This was taken from an excerpt from Frank Herbert, author of Dune and other great works of brilliance. I have loved all his books, because of his outlook on politics, people, heroes, and the weakness of power in even the best of us. Thank you Frank Herbert for your contribution and understanding of politics, power, and humanity.
Dune Genesis by Frank Herbert
“Personal observation has convinced me that in the power area of politics/economics, and in their logical consequence, war, people tend to give over every decision-making capacity to any leader who can wrap himself in the myth fabric of the society. Hitler did it. Churchill did it. Franklin Roosevelt did it. Stalin did it. Mussolini did it.

My favorite examples are John F. Kennedy and George Patton. Both fitted themsleves into the flamboyant Camelot pattern, consciously assuming bigger-than-life appearance. But the most casual observation reveals that neither was bigger than life. Each had our common human ailment-clay feet.

This, then was one of my themes for Dune: Don’t give over all of your critical faculties to people in power, no matter how admirable those people may appear to be. Beneath the hero’s facade you will find a human being who makes human mistakes. Enormous problems rise when human mistakes are made on the grand scale available to a super-hero. And sometimes you run into another problem.

It is demostrable that power structures tend to attract people who want power for the sake of power and that a significant proportion of such people are imbalanced-in a word, insane.

It is the systems themselves that I see as dangerous. Systematic is a deadly word. Systems orginate with human creators, with people who employ them. Systems take over and grind on and on. They are like a flood tied that picks up everything in its path.

… I now believe that evolution, or devolution, never ends short of death, that no society has ever acheived absolute pinnacle, that all humans are not created equal. In fact, I believe attempts to create some abstract equalization create a morass of injustices that rebound on the equalizers. Equal justice and equal opportunity are ideals we should seek, but we should recognize that humans adminster the ideals and the humans do not have equal ability.”

American Democratic Represenative Schakowsky Wants Your Money

September 16, 2011 Other Related 1 Comment

Thats right, apparently, being taxed 30%, 40%, 50%, just isn’t enough. She wants it all. She along with some in our government believe they need more from you. If you are rich, it is your civic duty to give what you earn to the government. You don’t deserve to keep what you make, you as a business person needs to give “your fair share”.

The thing is, if those in our government want to give money to the IRS, they can go ahead and do it can’t they? What tax breaks for the rich? Aren’t the corporate taxes in the United States the highest in the world? Tax the rich, give to the poor. When has that ever worked. Is there no suprise that the corporations, those evil companies that dare to make money, are hiring outside the U.S.? If more companies get taxed, in this economy, and the rich get taxed, who is going to be hiring? The government? No, they can’t even run their own companies well, how about Social Security? The United States Post Office? If this is a common idea with those who are supposedly representing the people of the United States, then this country is in serious trouble.

Illinois Man to Face 75 Years in Jail Why? He Recorded the Police

September 3, 2011 Other Related No Comments

The man, Michael Allison, his crime? Murder? Burglary? Rape? No, his crime is recording on-duty police officers. Apparently in Illinois and other states, they are implementing laws stating that recording an officer without their consent is a crime. The crime that the state of Illinois is applying old eavesdropping laws that are on the books. Allison’s crime is considered a Class 1 Felony offense.

The United States of America turning into a police state is slowly coming to fruition. Recordings of officers can be protection not only to the citizens that they are supposed to be protecting, but also for the officer as well. Apparently this idea is not shared by police officers. Where does this stop? Will public officials be considered video free as well? Recordings of officers brutally attacking citizens they are supposed to be protecting, and in some cases killed a suspected criminal, get little or no time in prison.

The further move towards authoritarianism in America, will create more and more violent protests and you will see more citizens willing to join fringe groups that are calling for the down fall of their own government. If laws like these are not overturned, more violence will come.

A Proud Pledge Of Allegiance Freedom and Liberty for All

June 4, 2011 Other Related No Comments

The last sentence is remarkable in that the pledge is almost non-existent in our schools. How is national pride and a symbol of freedom a bad thing?


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