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Strange Dance Protest at Memorial Ends in Violent Arrests

May 30, 2011 Other Related No Comments

As much as I think its a bizarre and strange way to protest, I don’t quite understand why the violent reaction of the police. In their defense, they did warn them, however, don’t they have a right to protest? It wasn’t violent, it wasn’t really causing a riot or any type of uproar. What it came down to really was the authority of the police being questioned. The reactions of how some police react to situations like this, will also be a cause for more violent revolutions. Why couldn’t the police stay there and watch to make sure it didn’t get out of hand? Is it now a crime to dance in a memorial? They have a right, no different than than any other, to protest peacefully, and I didn’t see any violence to result in the way it was handled by the police.


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