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Union Bosses and Violence Showing Their Intimidation and Tactics

March 28, 2012 Unions 1 Comment

It comes as no surprise that Unions are intertwined in the Occupy Wall street protests, employee and small business intimidation, violent protests, hostage taking in some cases, anti-Tea Party campaigns, have many ties to fringe leftist groups, and have strong ties in our government. Here is a youtube video that shows what they are about and what they are capable of. Video is by the Workforce Fairness Institute.

Occupy Wall Street Organized from SEIU and ACORN

If you listen to the media, you would think the protests were spontaneous angry people wanting change, but that is further than the truth. It has been organized by people from SEIU such as Stephen Lerner, and ACORN from the beginning.

Occupy Seattle Accosts JP Morgan CEO

November 4, 2011 Occupy Wallstreet, Unions 1 Comment

In the latest protest related to Occupy Wall Street, a Seattle group of protestors had a confrontation with police at a hotel where a CEO of JP Morgan was speaking. There are more and more protests going violent on a daily basis, and some protesters who actually want a peaceful protest are being left out. Compared to places like Greece, it is quite peaceful, but for how much longer. I keep thinking what the media would do if the Tea Party had done violent protests like this, there would be calls for military action and arrests from the president on down. How hypocritical.

**Caution, there are some harsh language in this clip**

Violence in Oakland, protesters shot with rubber bullets. Comparing Oakland as similar to Egypt is both humorous, ridiculous, and scarey. And the media continue the comparison.

What is the 99% issues? Watch and see:

Class Warfare? Just a Few Examples

October 20, 2011 Revolution, Unions No Comments

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