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Class Warfare, It’s Coming To A City Near You!

August 30, 2011 Revolution No Comments

Class warfare, its the ultra liberal call for an equal society, give money from the rich, and give it to the poor. A great concept except is it really fair to give from those who worked hard and got lucky enough to be successful, punish them and give their hard earned money to those who didn’t? I am not rich, I work hard like everyone else, but do I resent those who have money? No. Do I wish I had their money, sure, but do I deserve to take it from them? No.

When you have organizations like the Red and Anarchists Action network, there is a realization that alot of groups like these are ready and willing to protest their rage. How about if we really want to take money from someone, we take it from our own government, who is bloated and dolling out money to their pet projects and contributors to keep themselves in power. You want to see the economy change? Give us back our money that they take every day from my own check.

The real enemy isn’t the rich, its the sucking sound from our own government. Class warfare is a way to get the people fighting among ourselves, a disruption to look the other way. What will be scary will be the coming insurrection, those anarchists,communists, and socialist, who finally feel their time is now. Lets just hope the blood doesn’t run down our own streets like Egypt, Tunisia,Syria, or London.

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