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Francis Fox Piven Don’t Pay Student Loans and Occupy Houses

May 8, 2012 Occupy Wallstreet 2 Comments

This is an amazing yet not surprising video on a video conference that Frances Fox Piven had with some students regarding Occupy Wall Street. She has been a known proponent of this movement, and has encouraged violence and strategies in the past. The tactics she is encouraging now are taking over foreclosed houses, or apartments. Finding ways to keep the utilities going while illegally occupying these places.
She also encourages students to not pay their student loans, and wants to find ways to not allow any reprisals for defaulting on a government loan.
It is mind blowing that a person can say this so straight faced and without any concept of responsibility for the repercussions of these comments. There will and should be consequences to illegally seizing property and defaulting on a loan that a student signed as a legally binding contract with the federal government. The money was used for their education, they are required to pay it back..that’s why it is called a loan. If a person buys a house, they make an agreement with that bank to pay the mortgage, or they lose the house. If you can’t pay the mortgage, you lose the home, or try and negotiate with the bank. Now, I would agree, the banks are sometimes not willing to work it out with the owner, but, still the house is not yours until you pay it all off..
Francis Fox Piven is amazingly arrogant and a far left ideolog. She along with many others like her are caught up in their youth when their radical agenda and actions were excitingly real. They are reliving that experience once again, and loving the attention they get from it. It’s almost sad if it wasn’t so dangerous. I wish I could say she was a fool, but she is an intelligent professor, who’s ideas and ideology are dangerous because she is thought of as a leader for the young people who are on the streets, fighting the police, getting beat up by the police, and some even plotting to blow up the streets. She is responsible for this, along with other so called movement leaders. This will only get worse, and Francis Fox Piven will be a part of the destruction. Her ego and reliving the past may cause future death and destruction, but why should she care?

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