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Illinois Man to Face 75 Years in Jail Why? He Recorded the Police

September 3, 2011 Other Related No Comments

The man, Michael Allison, his crime? Murder? Burglary? Rape? No, his crime is recording on-duty police officers. Apparently in Illinois and other states, they are implementing laws stating that recording an officer without their consent is a crime. The crime that the state of Illinois is applying old eavesdropping laws that are on the books. Allison’s crime is considered a Class 1 Felony offense.

The United States of America turning into a police state is slowly coming to fruition. Recordings of officers can be protection not only to the citizens that they are supposed to be protecting, but also for the officer as well. Apparently this idea is not shared by police officers. Where does this stop? Will public officials be considered video free as well? Recordings of officers brutally attacking citizens they are supposed to be protecting, and in some cases killed a suspected criminal, get little or no time in prison.

The further move towards authoritarianism in America, will create more and more violent protests and you will see more citizens willing to join fringe groups that are calling for the down fall of their own government. If laws like these are not overturned, more violence will come.

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