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Occupy Wall Street Moves to Times Square

October 17, 2011 Revolution, The Organizers 1 Comment

The Occupy Wall Street protests with its incoherent students, union leaders, marxists, leftists, socialists,anarcists, and occasional gawkers, have pushed the protest to Times Square. There were around 70 arrests, but compared to some of the world wide protests, it was pretty tame(Do the police really feel tough on scooters? I understand the use of them, but its got to eat into their tough guy mentality somewhat).

There were no key note speakers, no Michael Moore, or Frances Fox Piven, no plans for the future, just the same loud anger towards the rich, the corporations, and America in general. In Italy, the support protest was much different. Violence, burning cars, and mob mentality littered the streets of Rome as they protest their support to bringing down the rich and capitalism.

The question is, when will it get to this point in America. Right now, its relatively calm, if not on the side of ridiculously trendy at times. But, it won’t take much to make the mobs of protesters to become as violent as what we saw in Italy.

Where is the media in their anger and horror at the demonstrations going on here. When the Tea Party started protesting, there were calls for the military to take them down. I am amazed at the pass the media gives the protesters in Occupy, but the media outcry with the Tea Party protests was deafening.

You do have to give the Wall Street employees credit, they didn’t seem to concerned watching the protests, drinking expensive wine, and chatting it up with beautiful women.

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