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Occupy Wall Street New York Black Bloc Violence on Starbucks

April 16, 2012 Occupy Wallstreet 1 Comment

New York was hit with more Occupy Wall Street violence, and it was driven by anarchists who destroyed windows and other property, including a Starbucks.

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The Occupy Wall Street movement is gearing up for it’s May Day protests. There are some who believe it will be violent. Others want peaceful protests. Then today, as if to preface the spring movement, a touch of violence. There is a method of protest called Black Bloc, this is a violent protest involving destruction of property and usually ends up inciting the police.

Black Bloc Intro

It is my belief, that this will be what pushes the police to react harshly against the violence that may occur. It takes away from any type of legitimacy that the Occupiers may believe they have. It is what may push the whole movement to a different level. What may be coming to America is what you see in Europe, burning cars, explosions, blood, and destruction. There are those who thrive on chaos, and this movement attracts them like bee’s to honey.

Occupy Rome

We have seen methods like this already in places like New York and Oakland, and it will get worse this year. Prepare for seeing more violent protests like Oakland, it can only get worse.

Occupy Oakland

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