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Occupy Wall Street Newspaper Funded By Soros, Code Pink, Michael Moore

October 11, 2011 Revolution, The Organizers 1 Comment

So adding fuel to the fire, there is now an official newspaper for those protesting Wall Street, its called the “Occupied Wall Street Journal” Quippy, if not unoriginal, its still funded by far left groups and indiviuals such as George Soros’ Tides Foundation, Code Pink(Bernadine Dorn Weather Underground), and my own personal favorite the always overweight, anti-capitalist hypocrite Michael Moore. The newspaper is basically supporting the movement, and spouting off anti-capitalist rhetoric.

I really am curious what their answer is to the protest? What will be the end result? Not only that, I also wonder how they can compare Egypt protests to Occupying Wall Street. Is the idea to overthrow wall street and all corporations? Whats the function of the government if that happens? Egypt was overthrowing a dictator, although I have my own issues with the current president, he is not a dictator that needs to be overthrown. He can still be voted out. The protesters are angry, understandably, but why blame the rich or successful? I lost my house, I lost my job, I am not blaming the rich, I am not blaming the corporations, and I am not blaming Wall Street, or the banks. I am taking responsibility for my own actions, and hopefully will be able to rebuild my life again. Personal Responsibility. Can we give me a Hey, HO, everybody now! Lets hear it!!! Personal Responsibility! What a concept.

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