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Occupy Wall Street Protest Anonymous Threats

October 5, 2011 Revolution 2 Comments

The occupation of Wall Street has been brought to another ominous level. The hacker group Anonymous has threatened to bring down the New York Stock Exchange. “Operation Invade Wall Street” has been stated to bring the protest to an all new level. The idea is to declare war on the New York Stock Exchange and creating economic havoc. They want to erase the stock exchange from the Internet.

Although the group denies this digital invasion, the threat is being taken very serious by the FBI. The three step process in causing the invasion can be done by downloading a program from a link. then going onto the NY stock exchange website on a certain date and time. Even thought in the past they have done similar acts of protests, they do not take credit for this future internet war on the Stock Exchange.  Anonymous has denied the Stock Exchange attack twice, and called it a hoax. They even go as far as to suggest that it may be a trap and to avoid participating.

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