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October 15th Occupy Wall Street Support is Going Global

October 15, 2011 Occupy Wallstreet No Comments

The Occupy Wall Street movement, which has been orchestrated and supported by people such as Stephen Lerner, Code Pink, Van Jones, Michael Moore to name a few, is now trying get global support. With names going around for the movement such as the American Spring, which one commentator pointed out it was actually the fall. The protest has been by definition a vast example of the term, “useful idiots”. The more people involved, the more dangerous for everyone it will be. The police, doing what they do against people rising against authority are pushing back, and in some cases, pushing hard.

This is an all out war against capitalism, and the rich. An all out war on what makes this country America. This is all out war on the Republic. This is all out war on the fabric of our society. It is class warfare, and the media in some cases are sanctioning it. Take what MSNBC commentator Al Sharpton has to say about redistribution of wealth.

Then there are the movie stars and pop stars showing up in their thousand dollar wardrobe, throwing in their support for those who are fighting against them…..the filthy rich! Even our government seems to be sanctioning it and even had some involvement and support to the protests. Redistribution of wealth is so anti-capitalist, so anti-american, it is mind boggling. The whole idea of America is to start a business, work hard, struggle, even fail, and if you are lucky, succeed. When has it become a country of hand-outs, people demanding money from those who have worked hard for theirs. It is despicable.

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This will only get worse…

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