What is the Cloward-Piven Strategy

This is from Wikipedia, the definition of what the Cloward-Piven Strategy is, and who they are. Cloward and Piven Strategy on Wikipedia Cloward and Piven’s article is focused on forcing the Democratic Party, which in 1966 controlled the presidency and both houses of the United States Congress, to take federal …

Frances Fox Piven Wants A Uprising From The Bottom

Another surge from the Bottom, some of us have been waiting…Those are two very interesting statements and how true it is. Well, she’s back again…Frances Fox PivenThere are those in the Occupy Movement who are organizing and manipulating the discontent. They believe that now is their time to strike. And …

George Soros, 60 Minutes Interview

George Soros, billionaire, and manipulator of countries and economies, contributor to the far left, and admitted a-moral businessman. His ethics are to making money, no matter what the cost.  It is amusing that the left, receiver of  millions of dollars from this man, find the time to talk about the …

Class Warfare? Just a Few Examples

Chuck Schumer Tax the Rich Europe vs the Rich Tax Those Evil Rich Joe the Plumber Michael Moore

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Union Violence, See What You are Up Against

October 8, 2011 The Organizers, Unions No Comments

A video provided by RightToWork.org. You can see how violence is rampant in Unions, and have the permission by the government to do what they want, when they want. This is why you have leaders like Stephen Lerner, Jimmie Hoffa, and Other Union leaders. They are a major cause of today’s economic issues and woes.

Unions Throw Support and Frances Fox Piven Calls for Violence

Unions are now getting involved and supporting the occupation of Wall Street. This makes it even bigger than ever, and potentially more dangerous.

Along with this, is Frances Fox Piven, who is loving all the attention and the possibility of a violent protest. Frances Fox Piven is even more excited and willing to give her full support and activities to the protests. She is encouraged and reminiiscent in her protests history. She gives the example of what is going on now with the protests and comparing them to the Civil Rights protests in the past. She is excited about the walk outs, and “street battles”.Its almost like the protests against the corporations and their profits, is a game to them.

Do they have a clue what the end result will be? They want capitalism to be taken apart and replaced with what? Communism? Socialism? Imperialism? Anarchy? What is the end result? They are caught up in their own ideals and talking points that they really don’t know what to replace the evil capitalism. They want a commune.

Occupying Wall Street Gets Violent.

Occupying Wall Street is slowly moving towards more and more violence. As seen on October 6, 2011, it has gone from peaceful and somewhat amusing, to violent and very serious. The problem with this is two opposing forces. The protesters, do have the right to demonstrate their anger and frustration, no matter how misguided it is.

Occupy Wall Street Arrests; Fox 5 Crew and Protesters Hit by Mace, Batons: MyFoxNY.com

And the police have the right to smash them with their batons and spray them with pepper spray, and then haul them off to jail. The problem will come when the smashing and the anger on both sides, gets much worse, and I believe, it is coming soon. There are too many people pushing the buttons of the masses, and the police are the trigger.

Stephen Lerner Wants Economic Crisis Going to Terrify DC

October 6, 2011 Revolution, Unions 4 Comments

Stephen Lerner and SEIU are getting ready to vamp up the protests. Lerner is visibly ecstatic about the current Occupation of Wall Street. He seems to believe that that this is the first step, and is hoping it all moves into something more critical. He seems excited and motivated about the way things are moving in the protests.


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