What is the Cloward-Piven Strategy

This is from Wikipedia, the definition of what the Cloward-Piven Strategy is, and who they are. Cloward and Piven Strategy on Wikipedia Cloward and Piven’s article is focused on forcing the Democratic Party, which in 1966 controlled the presidency and both houses of the United States Congress, to take federal …

Frances Fox Piven Wants A Uprising From The Bottom

Another surge from the Bottom, some of us have been waiting…Those are two very interesting statements and how true it is. Well, she’s back again…Frances Fox PivenThere are those in the Occupy Movement who are organizing and manipulating the discontent. They believe that now is their time to strike. And …

George Soros, 60 Minutes Interview

George Soros, billionaire, and manipulator of countries and economies, contributor to the far left, and admitted a-moral businessman. His ethics are to making money, no matter what the cost.  It is amusing that the left, receiver of  millions of dollars from this man, find the time to talk about the …

Class Warfare? Just a Few Examples

Chuck Schumer Tax the Rich Europe vs the Rich Tax Those Evil Rich Joe the Plumber Michael Moore

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Michael Moore and His Support for Occupying Wall Street

As much as I despise Keith Oberman, one up on him is my despise for the hypocritical, anti-capitalist rants of Michael Moore. Its funny to see an obvious case of excess and greed hidden behind his obese socialistic and narcissistic points of view. He loves to hear himself talk. And talk he does, all the way to the bank. I am wondering if he is getting any protests at his house? Are the people angry at the mass amounts of money this man gets from his movies? Or does he donate the proceeds to causes like Occupy Wall Street and other demonstrations and organizations. And they make fun of Rush Linbaugh’s girth…

Occupy Wall Street, Racist and Disturbing Video

The Wall Street occupation with no clear goal in sight, creates all kinds of interesting and stimulating dialogue. One recent video posted was a “provocateur” with his bling and his smack down, showed the world a more glaring example of what a “useful idiot” is. A rather annoying yet potentially violent class of angry, and mis-informed youth at a leaderless protest. This anti-Semitic point of view is becoming more and more common.

Occupy Wall Street Protest Anonymous Threats

October 5, 2011 Revolution 2 Comments

The occupation of Wall Street has been brought to another ominous level. The hacker group Anonymous has threatened to bring down the New York Stock Exchange. “Operation Invade Wall Street” has been stated to bring the protest to an all new level. The idea is to declare war on the New York Stock Exchange and creating economic havoc. They want to erase the stock exchange from the Internet.

Although the group denies this digital invasion, the threat is being taken very serious by the FBI. The three step process in causing the invasion can be done by downloading a program from a link. then going onto the NY stock exchange website on a certain date and time. Even thought in the past they have done similar acts of protests, they do not take credit for this future internet war on the Stock Exchange.  Anonymous has denied the Stock Exchange attack twice, and called it a hoax. They even go as far as to suggest that it may be a trap and to avoid participating.

Healthcare, Education, and Housing, A Human Right?

October 5, 2011 Unions No Comments

Changing the tax code and rules and regulations on corporations, these are not a priveledge, a level playing field, sharing the wealth, equal distribution of wealth.
In history, there has never been an equal playing field between the rich and the poor. Liberal, and especially those on the far left, and even some moderate Republicans seem to feel that distributing the wealth of those who do work hard and are successful need to give up more than the 50% or more in taxes they are already paying, and give it to those who do not work, or are not successful. Anne Hess, Community Resource Exchange Board Member and Democratic Fundraiser, seems to feel that everyone should get the same, regardless of how hard they worked, or how successful they are in their business.

Major Democratic Fundraiser At Van Jones‘ Take Back The American Dream Conference: The American Dream Is Totally About Sharing from Naked Emperor News on Vimeo.

The corporate tax is the highest in the world in America, which is one of the reasons that they are outsourcing jobs. Not only that, but due to the Unions and their demands for entitlements, the pay is much higher than what they should be. Creating higher taxes, or taking away tax “loop holes” will not help the current economic problem, but will only increase it. Changing the tax code, rules and regulations on corporations will not make a more level playing field, but outsource jobs, create layoffs, and even cause businesses to fail.


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