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The Day Of Rage Has Begun, New York Ends in Arrests

September 26, 2011 Revolution No Comments

So the Day of Rage has begun. Is it Egypt, no, did it cause disruption? Somewhat. It did halt traffic, and there were a lot of pseudo-hippies and their bongo drums. Could it catch momentum and get violent? Possibly. If the unemployed and discouraged get sucked into these types of protests, yes, it could get real ugly, very fast. If the mass of unemployed who have seen their houses foreclosed, or their jobs taken away because of companies tightening their financial belt,it could get violent.

The unions, the socialists, the communists see this anger, and can and will exploit it. They are better at it, and have the media to push it. There is a lot of anger and frustration, and properly guided, could be very potent. Egypt is a good example of this, the masses were guided towards insurrection and the idea of democracy, however, the end result is military control, and the Muslim Brotherhood in command. The Muslim Brotherhood is trying to get its grip in every government overthrow, and have been successful so far. Libya is the next country in line. If Europe goes down in a sinking pile of Euro’s, heads up in America, we could be in for a very bumpy ride.

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