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Unions Throw Support and Frances Fox Piven Calls for Violence

October 8, 2011 Revolution, The Organizers, Unions 1 Comment

Unions are now getting involved and supporting the occupation of Wall Street. This makes it even bigger than ever, and potentially more dangerous.

Along with this, is Frances Fox Piven, who is loving all the attention and the possibility of a violent protest. Frances Fox Piven is even more excited and willing to give her full support and activities to the protests. She is encouraged and reminiiscent in her protests history. She gives the example of what is going on now with the protests and comparing them to the Civil Rights protests in the past. She is excited about the walk outs, and “street battles”.Its almost like the protests against the corporations and their profits, is a game to them.

Do they have a clue what the end result will be? They want capitalism to be taken apart and replaced with what? Communism? Socialism? Imperialism? Anarchy? What is the end result? They are caught up in their own ideals and talking points that they really don’t know what to replace the evil capitalism. They want a commune.

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