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Wisconsin Is The First of More Protests To Come

April 30, 2011 Revolution No Comments

When watching some of these videos, you wonder if some of the people involved are in it for the fun of it? And then how many are the true core believers, and really want the change that they are looking for. College is a very changing time for most, and you can see the activism in colleges and universities influencing the youth. For instance:
Fight and Defeat US Imperialism?

But how long until those who are so easily led taken over by the true believers. And how long are we away from the anarchists that seem to prevail in Europe. The class warfare that is going on now could easily result in attacks on the “evil rich”

How about Seattle last February?

Of course, look what the far left is doing to the Koch brothers, while at the same time opening their arms to the likes of George Soros, who is a fairly wealthy guy, who funds many far left leaning groups. It seems hypocritical that they are so against the rich when its on the republican side.

They say the Tea Party members are so easily led, racist, unintelligent, maybe those who are protesting on the left should look at their own.

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